Institute of Pharmacy

INO/cGMP signal transductions and their pharmacological modulators are analyzed and physiologically and pathophysiologically characterized in the group of Jens Schlossmann.

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Prof. Dr. Jens Schlossmann
Dr. Andrea Schramm
Dr. Elisabeth Schinnner

Isolation of natural compounds guided by their bioactivity and characterizations of their pharmacological properties are research topics in the group of Jörg Heilmann.

Pharmaceutical Biology
Prof. Dr. Jörg Heilmann
Dr. Birgit Kraus
Dr. Guido Jürgenliemk

Biomimetic materials, strategies for the repair of damaged tissues and the development of innovative drug delivery systems are investigated in the group of Achim Göpferich.

Pharmaceutical Technology
Prof. Dr. Achim Göpferich
PD Dr. Miriam Breunig
Dr. Ferdinand Brandl

Investigation of new compounds with activity at G protein coupled receptors of the histamine family and the synthesis and pharmacological characterization of stereoisomeric drugs are research topics in the group of Sigurd Elz. The Mahboobi group is focused on developing antitumor drugs with different molecular targets.

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry I
Prof. Dr. Sigurd Elz
Prof. Dr. Siavosh Mahboobi

The group of Prof. Armin Buschauer (deceased) focusses on the analysis and modification of NF-kappaB and NF-kappaB-modulating signaling pathways in chronic liver diseases as well as development and characterization of in vitro and in vivo models of non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD)

Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry II
Prof. Dr. Günther Bernhard
Prof. Dr. Stefan Dove
PD Dr. Andrea Strasser
Dr. Max Keller
Prof. Dr. Sigurd Elz (Acting Head)

Development of HPLC methods for quantification of drugs (mainly antiinfectives) in biological matrices, determination of pharmacokinetic parameters of these drugs, especially in special patient groups, and PK/PD modeling are research topics of Christoph Dorn.

Clinical Pharmacy
Dr. Christoph Dorn

The group of Ekkehard Haen focusses on the development of methods for quantification of drugs in blood specimens and their clinical pharmacological / clinical pharmaceutical interpretation, as well as the development of internet-based platforms for the evaluation of medications and the integration of pharmacovigilance in the daily clinical routine.

Clinical Pharmacology

Prof. Dr. Dr. Ekkehard Haen


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